• Pithe Mime

    Pi’s Bar

    6:00:pm, 18th Nov till 30th Nov 2014

    Throughout the festival Pi The Mime and friends will be taking over our main festival bar to offer you a host of entertainment including walk about circus performance, showcases from the best of the festival, pop up canteen, screenings from BURN and the hostess with the mostess the one and only Welsh diva, the voice... [Read more…]

  • Kimbo_Poster_Image without text

    Nothing To See Here

    6:30:pm, 18th Nov till 19th Nov 2014

    How powerful is your imagination, could it save your life? Do you ever think about your childhood imaginary friend? Nothing To See Here follows the intertwining stories of Josie, Rose, Mal and Jon, who have more in common than even they would believe. ‘Nothing to see Here’ is a tender, sincere and moving exposition of... [Read more…]

  • Dom red hand piece

    What Not Cabaret

    6:35:pm, 18th Nov till 26th Nov 2014

    Amuse your bouche with a madcap cabaret of short-form work devised by an international company of alumni from the London International School of Performing Arts. Performed for the first time here at Mimetic, this is an opportunity to see work that has come straight out of the renowned Le Coq – physical theatre school. Expect... [Read more…]

  • FD-Image

    First Draft

    6:50:pm, 18th Nov till 22nd Nov 2014

    Inspired by EM Forster’s The Machine Stops, emerging physical theatre company, Open Heart Surgery, brings you into a fast-paced world where two actors play twelve characters. Jostling with the vital questions of our time: is war inevitable? Have we lost all hope for humanity? First Draft, a satirical statement against apathy. In a protection unit... [Read more…]

  • familia de la noche

    The Greatest Liar in All the World

    8:00:pm, 18th Nov till 22nd Nov 2014

    Familia de la Noche return with their five-star, darkly funny sequel to Pinocchio: a rollercoaster ride filled with song, puppetry, physical theatre and clowning. The Greatest Liar in All the World sends the audience careering through the real story behind his infamous origins. But be warned there’s a twist and tear in this raucous cautionary... [Read more…]

  • How-a-man-crumbled-1024x723-1021x600-1

    How a Man Crumbled

    8:20:pm, 18th Nov till 22nd Nov 2014

    Dive head first into the absurd world of the Russian poet, iconoclast and false moustache wearer Daniil Kharms. Three bouffon-esque characters intent on telling ‘The Old Woman’ story let narrative escape them as comic vignettes, metaphysical ponderings and bouts of senseless violence provide constant distraction. Expressionist silent film meets grotesque slapstick in a world where... [Read more…]

  • Where the White Stops

    Where the White Stops

    9:30:pm, 18th Nov till 20th Nov 2014

    No-one’s been into the White before. Except Crab. Battling against icy blizzards and mythical beasts, Crab leaves the safety of her village to journey across a vast and desolate frozen landscape. She’s searching for something else. Where the White stops. Using polyphonic song and playful physical storytelling, ANTLER tells the great adventure of Crab, and... [Read more…]

  • mummy web image


    9:50:pm, 18th Nov till 26th Nov 2014

    Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale Her infinite variety                     A 28 year-old woman is stuck in a pre-mid life crisis, unable to step forward, oblivious to what´s holding her back. In an attempt to move on and make some decisions in life, she inaugurates a... [Read more…]

  • KikiLovechild_TheWeatherman_WebsiteBanner

    The Weatherman

    6:30:pm, 20th Nov till 21st Nov 2014

    How would you pass time in the afterlife? When he is given a job controlling the world’s weather, Kiki Lovechild tries to amuse himself throughout eternity by creating new worlds from his imagination. Featuring physical comedy, mime and illusion from the clown who makes it rain from his fingertips. “Nothing verbal can describe the magic... [Read more…]

  • Pi The Mime

    Un Cas de Nostalgie

    9:50:pm, 20th Nov till 29th Nov 2014

    Meet Pi. His head in the clouds and his feet firmly half way up in the air, he cannot help but dream. Join him as he travels through the landscape of his imagination, suitcase in hand, and meets some truly unusual characters. From a geisha to a stripper, this cheeky little mime cannot resist flirtations... [Read more…]

  • Boris and Sergey

    Boris & Sergey

    10:00:pm, 20th Nov till 29th Nov 2014

    Boris & Sergey’s Preposterous Improvisation Experiment Boris and Sergey, your favourite puppet clown vagabonds, present for your viewing pleasure an hour of improvised delights, featuring guests from memetic festival and the odd audience member or two. Expect malarkey molestation and mirth of a magnitude hitherto unexperienced in a subterranean vault in Waterloo Praise for Boris... [Read more…]

  • web image Little Marionettes

    Little Marionettes

    9:30:pm, 21st Nov till 22nd Nov 2014

    In the shadowy depths of the bar sits a man with immense power and questionable intent. He observes, judges and influences. Smudged Theatre invite you to enter the dark and twisted world of the narrator and watch his manipulation of young love, disrupting the everyday with seduction, passion and deceit. Developed especially for mimetic fest,... [Read more…]

  • The Lonely Room

    The Lonely Room

    6:30:pm, 25th Nov till 29th Nov 2014

    Time has stopped. They wait. And wait … and wait … and wait. They wait, surrounded by nothingness and the empty loneliness of their existence. Occasionally, they catch a glimpse of hopeful change and move beyond their fears. But as quickly as it comes, it goes… The Lonely Room is an enchanting mime duet by... [Read more…]

  • Pathos


    6:40:pm, 25th Nov till 29th Nov 2014

    Jealousy: the fear of losing your loved one. Funny and colourful in childhood, an unstoppable and eventually violent emotion in some adults. Pathos explores the mechanism of passionate love, from the first sight to its very conclusion. Without words, through symbolic images and dreamlike projections while making use of commedia dell’arte, pantomime, grammelot, clownerie and... [Read more…]


    The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

    7:50:pm, 25th Nov till 29th Nov 2014

    Robert Caligari is a nasty piece of work. But today is the day he gets his comeuppance. Today is the day he’s going to die. Kill the Beast present The Boy Who Kicked Pigs – their five star adaptation of Tom Baker’s glorious story. Promising beautiful projections, original music and over eight hats, it’s a... [Read more…]

  • CrazyGlue_photoby_IdilSukan_website

    Crazy Glue

    8:10:pm, 25th Nov till 29th Nov 2014

    A Tragicomedy About Loss They have a car in the garage, a chicken in the pot and a child on the way. But is that enough to make true love stick? Crazy Glue follows the comedic roller coaster of a couple’s romance as they move from the blossoming of first love through to the thornier... [Read more…]

  • Marion Deprez-web

    Marion Deprez is Gorgeous

    8:20:pm, 25th Nov till 29th Nov 2014

    Marion Deprez is Gorgeous is a one-woman physical comedy show that turns the whole concept of ‘beauty’ on its head. A trained clown, Marion has fun demolishing her fabulous facade, reversing the roles to make you the star and revealing her true nature as a gorgeous, brave performer. Here is an ‘ideal’ woman who makes us... [Read more…]


    The Libertine Has Left The Building

    9:40:pm, 25th Nov till 29th Nov 2014

    There is a myth that every cell in the body regenerates in seven years. But what does that mean we get? A new person? A fresh start? A sequel? Or just a second rate version of the same old thing…? Seven years after creating his iconic show Confessions Of A Dancewhore Michael Twaits returns to... [Read more…]

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