Finger in the Pie’s Mimetic Festival is a two week celebration of the very best emerging devised, physical and visual theatre, mime, puppetry and cabaret. Now entering its third year we regularly play host to some of the most exciting international companies working in this field today – previous programmes have included Theatre Témoin and Fantasist, Glass-Eye Theatre’s City and Iris, Boris and Sergey, London Cabaret Award Winner Dusty Limits, Fosters Comedy Award Winning clown Doctor Brown, The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey, PIT Theatre’s Kubrick³, and the Talent! Spain award winning Teatro En Vilo’s Interrupted.

We are currently programming Mimetic 2014. The festival will run 18th-29th November at The Vaults under Waterloo Station. We will have five performance spaces in total – two end on studio theatres (120 seats and 100 seats), one cabaret venue (100 seats), a bar stage (500 capacity standing) and a small studio (60 seats). We operate an Edinburgh fringe style programme of multiple shows per space per night and a vibrant bar (with participant discounts!) to socialise in between performances.

Venue Details
Venue Style Stage Capacity Guarantee
Mimetic One Studio Theatre 5.5m x 6m* 120* £1080 per week
Mimetic Two Studio Theatre 4.8m x 6m* 100* £900 per week
Cabaret Bar Cabaret 3.6m x 3.6m* 100* £180 per performance
Lucy's Room Studio Theatre 4m x 3m* 60* £100 per performance

*Stage dimension and capacity are not exact and may vary from those listed.


The fee listed above is a guarantee to the festival against a 60/40 box office split in the favour of the visiting company.

Additionally there is a programme fee of £60 per show. This covers a half page listing in the print brochure which will be distributed across London. If you wish you can increase your listing to a full page for £100.

Perform for Free

We’re offering a bursary to completely cover the guarantee and programme fees of either one theatre show or one cabaret show. The bursaries will be given out based on audience votes. For more information click here.


We are programming as we go along so don’t hesitate to submit your show. Our absolute submissions deadline is 12noon Monday 8th September 2014.

Apply Online Here