We will do all that we can to publicise the Mimetic festival as a whole, it is then the responsibility of the individual companies to promote your own show within the festival. We are planning to carry out the following press and marketing activity:

  • Festival Brochure – print run of 8-10k
  • Brochure distributed throughout London theatre and cultural Venues by London Calling
  • Press and PR for the festival will be provided by Chloe Nelkin Consulting
  • Event listings across London press
  • Local poster and flyer campaign throughout Waterloo
  • Festival Listings across www.MimeticFest.com and www.the-vaults.org
  • Advertising over dedicated Mimetic social media channels – Facebook and Twitter
  • Facebook Advertising Campaign with festival sponsored posts
  • ‘PS’ spots in newsletters of London theatres
  • High profile press launch event on the first Monday of the festival

We then expect companies to provide:

  • Provide show blurb and publicity image (for which all relevant licenses are obtained)
  • Send across previous show publicity quotes and stars
  • Deliver 30-40 A3 or A2 show posters by 15 November
  • Invite friends and contacts to Facebook event
  • Undertake local flyering and postering for your show
  • Keep us updated with set/costume designs, production shots, casting developments and anything else that might be newsworthy.

Please note print specifications are for full week runs – these will differer for works in progress and single performances. Please contact press@mimeticfest.com for further details.