Peeter_van_Bredael_Commedia_dell_arte_Szene_Detail_Bühne Commedia, Cabaret and Physical Theatre - There have always been two strands of English theatre, the first is a tradition of popular working class theatre. It was a tradition that demanded immediate impact to keep its audience: physical, visceral, funny and heart felt. The other tradition was an aristocratic one, where young men coming back down from Cambridge would impress their aristocratic chums […]
Unknown-6 Call for expressions of interest – Mimetic Festival Pop Up Kitchen - Space Offered for Pop-Up Kitchen Capacity – 100 Dimensions – 8m wide x 9m long – 72 sq/m or 236 sq/ft Features – Extractor Fan, Electricity, close proximity to Main Bar Mimetic is a pop up festival of cabaret, theatre and alternative performance. We’re installing five stages into the Vaults – three theatre spaces, one cabaret […]
pi Scouting for Shows - It’s going to be all go over the nest week scouting for shows with trips to the Camden Fringe, Hot August Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe planned for the team. By the end of next week we’re hoping to have seen something like 50 shows between us. That said our dance cards are not completely full […]