Over the last fortnight, Mimetic Festival 2014 played to busy houses a smorgasbord of cabaret, burlesque, music, magic, puppetry, theatre and mime – infact we’ve shown 121 performances of 42 different shows from across three different continents to audiences of 3,500 paying audience members, but all good things must come to an end!

On the last night of the festival, Saturday 29th November, the Mimetic Awards were given to celebrate the best of the festival. Chair of Judges Alex Brenner and his team, including This Is Cabaret editor Franco Milazzo, cabaret stylist Yaya Wilkinson, actress Michelle Duncan, Little Soldier co-founder Patricia Rodriguez and writer/director Verity Healey, awards the following shows, with assistance from awards partners Civilian Theatre, Litro, London City Nights, The Public Reviews, Savage, The Theatre Tourist, Theatrefullstop and Views from the Gods:

  • Best Theatre Production 2014 – Michael Twaits: The Libertine Has Left the Building
  • Best Cabaret Production 2014 – Lady Carol: Lost and Found
  • Best Work-In-Progress Production – In Our Hands (Smoking Apples)
  • Judges’ Awards (Theatre) – Where the White Stops (Antler Theatre), How a Man Crumbled (Clout Theatre), Tatterdemalion (Flabbergast Theatre) and Dan Lees Brainchild
  • Judges’ Awards (Cabaret) – Neil Henry’s Impossible, Baby Lame: Don’t Call It a Comeback, Anna Lou Larkin: Anna-Lou’s Contes d’Amour, A Load of Crepe (The Late Night Shop)
  • This Is Cabaret Award: Best Emerging Artist – The Ruby Darlings

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