• Pithe Mime

    Pi’s Bar

    6:00:pm, 18th Nov till 30th Nov 2014

    Throughout the festival Pi The Mime and friends will be taking over our main festival bar to offer you a host of entertainment including walk about circus performance, showcases from the best of the festival, pop up canteen, screenings from BURN and the hostess with the mostess the one and only Welsh diva, the voice... [Read more…]

  • Dom red hand piece

    What Not Cabaret

    6:35:pm, 18th Nov till 26th Nov 2014

    Amuse your bouche with a madcap cabaret of short-form work devised by an international company of alumni from the London International School of Performing Arts. Performed for the first time here at Mimetic, this is an opportunity to see work that has come straight out of the renowned Le Coq – physical theatre school. Expect... [Read more…]

  • web image

    On Being Yourself But Better

    7:30:pm, 18th Nov till 26th Nov 2014

    Dark clown, drag and dance combine in this joyful fairground ride as six performers don their finest to flirt with big themes and invite you to do the same. Adults playing like children, the evolution of man, Barbara Streisand doing shadow puppetry under a table. Ridiculous, hilarious, baffling and unnerving, On Being Yourself But Better... [Read more…]

  • The Misdemeanours of Saccharine

    The Misdemeanours of Saccharine

    8:30:pm, 18th Nov till 22nd Nov 2014

    Join us for an inconceivable, international, imaginary journey inspired by (a thesaurus) and the likes of Monsieurs Grimm and Dahl. An unforgettable, cautionary tale for the wide and tall, for the big and small, for the good and, the bad within you all. Everybody has hidden, dark thoughts and Lecoq trained Benefit of the Doubt... [Read more…]

  • mummy web image


    9:50:pm, 18th Nov till 26th Nov 2014

    Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale Her infinite variety                     A 28 year-old woman is stuck in a pre-mid life crisis, unable to step forward, oblivious to what´s holding her back. In an attempt to move on and make some decisions in life, she inaugurates a... [Read more…]

  • In Our Hands image cropped for mimetic

    In Our Hands

    6:00:pm, 22nd Nov till 22nd Nov 2014

    Using puppetry and visual theatre, In Our Hands tells the story of Alf, a trawler fisherman. When the industry is experiencing heavy scrutiny and fishing is under threat, will Alf adapt in order to survive? Smoking Apples, co-creators of CELL (nominated for Peter Brook Award 2014), bring you a new work in progress. Supported using... [Read more…]

  • camera_20141001194011105_20141001195110759_20141002165818891

    An Appetite For Destruction

    6:15:pm, 22nd Nov till 22nd Nov 2014

    We all love a good gag, right? Or do we? Holli Dillon explores the multi-symptoms of having an eating disorder, through clown, puppetry and mixed media. Abstract, imaginative and touching. Warning: May contain actual spit, mayhem and marshmallows. Advised suitability but not restricted to ages 12 and over. ‘A rough diamond’ – Eric de Bont... [Read more…]

  • I Am Beast

    I Am Beast

    7:30:pm, 22nd Nov till 22nd Nov 2014

    What happens when we allow the darker parts of our mind to take control and transform our own realities? How far will we go? And who will be the one to pull us back? After the death of his wife, a disconnected father realises he has lost his teenage daughter to her own brutal inner... [Read more…]

  • tat banner


    9:55:pm, 25th Nov till 25th Nov 2014

    In this hilarious, absurd and often magical show that juxtaposes themes of loneliness and belonging with joy and exhilaration we are invited to witness one man’s quest for a friend. Pathos, dark humour and Victorian aesthetics combine to create a wonderful and mysterious backdrop to a poetic and surreal journey. A work in Progress. [Read more…]

  • universe

    The History of Everything

    9:55:pm, 26th Nov till 26th Nov 2014

    The History of Everything in 60 minutes (more or less) Everything you ever wanted to know about everything, ever. A surreal serving of music, mime, song, sketch, physical theatre and props from poundland (and a couple from the 99p store). This show does exactly what it says on the tin. It starts. There is a middle... [Read more…]

  • Divinely Human

    Divinely Human

    7:00:pm, 28th Nov till 29th Nov 2014

    The Holy Trinity arguing over Christmas television and the Central Line on a Monday morning. Two new pieces of human comedy. A puppet sketch-show making big things small with a peak into the hilarious, ridiculous and altogether normal Christmas Day of the divine three. And a physical theatre piece that sees the absurd beauty of... [Read more…]

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