Time has stopped.

They wait.
And wait
and wait …
and wait.

They wait, surrounded by nothingness and the empty loneliness of their existence. Occasionally, they catch a glimpse of hopeful change and move beyond their fears. But as quickly as it comes, it goes…

The Lonely Room is an enchanting mime duet by Eloise Carles and Flavia Bertram telling the story of two women trapped in the in-between of life. This story is inspired by our inner passive dreamers. We all know them: they articulate their desires, but take no real action towards fulfilling their imagined adventures. Through the language of corporeal mime and dance set to an atmospheric score by Michael Neo, the duo create a timeless world of fears, anxieties, dreams and – most importantly – hope.

Grant For The Arts Funding
Support from Theatre Deli, Blue Elephant Theatre and Building Bloqs.

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