There is a myth that every cell in the body regenerates in seven years. But what does that mean we get? A new person? A fresh start? A sequel? Or just a second rate version of the same old thing…?

Seven years after creating his iconic show Confessions Of A Dancewhore Michael Twaits returns to his theatrical roots; exploring the self, the artist, the politics and dichotomy of modern life!

The politics and pop-culture will be at loggerheads again in an evening of caustic cabaret, autobiographical analysis, theatrical theorem as the creator of ‘Confessions Of A Dancewhore’ brings a new multimedia feast of a show to Mimetic 2014.


Praise for Confessions Of A Dancewhore:
“A sensual and intellectual feast”

The Public Reviews
“A cabaret for the soul”

QX Magazine
“A masterly breath of fresh-air”

Lyn Gardner The Guardian
“He is an engaging and engaged presence, and intercuts film and live action in an idiosyncratic manner.”

Time Out London Critic’s Choice

The Stage
“Promise For the future of queer theatre”

The Times
“A bigger ego than Madonna”

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