A one woman show from writer, comedian and ex-sex worker, Miranda Kane, who used to be Melody – a £2,000 per night escort, weighing over 300lbs to boot.

In this tell-all comedy, Miranda exposes the truth about sex workers, their clients, and all the hilarious, heart-warming and often bizarre moments in a unique career.

A sell-out at Festivals across the UK, The Coin-Operated Girl offers a fascinating glimpse inside the sex industry and a young woman’s journey into a career that changed her life. With hilarious anecdotes and the opportunity to put your questions to Miranda at the end of the night, the show delivers a whole new angle on the world of sex-work and aims to get people thinking not only about sex-workers, but also size acceptance.

‘Miranda is open and personable and delivers a package of experiences that might be considered edgy or even taboo with a refreshing bluffness.’ – Broadway Baby

‘Kane’s show is one of the most informative shows on a topic that perhaps doesn’t always loan itself to this type of frankness. But the biggest selling point is that Kane feels no shame…and rightly so!’ – The New Current

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