Join London cabaret award nominated cabaret performer Pi The Mime as he presents his graduation class of stunning starlets, burlesque bombshells and vaudevillian virtuosos all fresh from Finger in the Pie’s Cabaret and Burlesque course.

Running Order

Lady Grey
Lady Grey presents her mysterious life, surrounded by monotomy, solitude and a fair bit of creativity. 

Rembrandt of Rochester
Rembrandt of Rochester takes to the stage to create a piece of art, live and before your eyes.

Victoria McSponge
Victoria McSponge juggles cabaret performance and taking care of her baby as best she can.

Fifi Croissant
Fifi Croissant pays tribute to the Moulin Rouge with La Goulue. Can she resist just one more glass?

Lucyann O’Neill
Lucyann O’Neill shares herself with the audience, pure and vulnerable.

Ms Field
Ms Field presents an escape from her duty as stage manager.

Learn Burlesque and Cabaret With Finger in the Pie

Have you always seen yourself as a bit of showgirl? Is it time for you to release your inner diva? Or perhaps you just fancy challenging yourself to try something new… combining various performance styles, the course lets you explore your cabaret fantasies and don your tassels.

New courses begin in January 2015.
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