Jealousy: the fear of losing your loved one. Funny and colourful in childhood, an unstoppable and eventually violent emotion in some adults. Pathos explores the mechanism of passionate love, from the first sight to its very conclusion. Without words, through symbolic images and dreamlike projections while making use of commedia dell’arte, pantomime, grammelot, clownerie and white masks, we describe the most unpredictable and bloody aspect of every passionate feeling: love.


★★★★★ Edfringe Review
‘a masterpiece of its kind… a fascinating piece of art that is at once beautiful and terrible’

★★★★ Edfringe Review
‘talent abounds in both the writing and the acting of this performance… It is remarkable how much feeling can be portrayed in a show without speech’

★★★★ Edinburgh 247 City Guide
‘a very refreshing and impressive piece of theatre’

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