How powerful is your imagination, could it save your life? Do you ever think about your childhood imaginary friend? Nothing To See Here follows the intertwining stories of Josie, Rose, Mal and Jon, who have more in common than even they would believe.

‘Nothing to see Here’ is a tender, sincere and moving exposition of the relation between self and unconscious. Above all it is a humorous and human account of that which makes us what we are.

“The show is terrifically energetic with striking imagery” – Everything Theatre

“What KimBo Theatre Company has achieved in this production is the depiction of psychological truths in an entertaining fashion. Nothing To See Here crams a lot into its hour-long show, all the more reason, perhaps, to see the show a couple of times!”  – Michael Davis of Female Arts

“Nothing to See Here explores human individuality and imagination where all isn’t exactly as it seems.” – View from the Gods



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