Neil Henry treats the impossible as more of a suggestion than a rule, transporting you to an unforgettable world of the unfeasible and unreasonable – it’s impossibro. Here’s the thing, it’s not just Neil who does the tricks, when this impostificatious mindbender gets to work you will discover that you can do magic. Open your mind, close your handbag. Enchanting, endearing, amazing and amusing; as ‘London’s mighty sorcerer’ (Time Out) takes to the stage… Prepare to be impossiblified! In Neil’s magical, funny and unforgettable show, everything is possible and nothing is as it seems!



Neil Henry’s show is called Impossible for a very good reason –  what Neil does for 60 minutes is I would say impossible! He is not a run of the mill “pick-a-card” or produce flowers from his sleeve kind of magician far from it, Henry does magic tricks that leave you open-mouthed. These are the kind of tricks that scramble your mind and leave you scratching your head.

Henry defies all logic…combines plenty of charisma with wonderful rapport and finely tuned showmanship to produce a magic show that is truly breathtaking and very funny.

If the mark of a good magician is being left dumbfounded by seemingly impossible tricks, then NEIL HENRY ONE OF THE BEST.

Henry masterfully manipulates the mood of the room, tricking us into believing that he might have made a mistake, or he is momentarily doubting his abilities. This affable and energetic performer evokes the art of mystery and wonder with a solid hour of making the impossible possible.

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