Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
Her infinite variety                    

A 28 year-old woman is stuck in a pre-mid life crisis, unable to step forward, oblivious to what´s holding her back. In an attempt to move on and make some decisions in life, she inaugurates a Ritual: to which you are cordially invited.

Inspired by a myriad of sources – both sacred and profane – her curious enactment of misplaced rites sparks a greater crisis of meaning, and forces her to confront the real ghosts of her past.

 Unexpected, terrifying, hilarious and human.

Reviews of performer Amy Gwilliam´s previous projects with her company Teatro Entre Escombros:

“All of this is told through Entre Escombros’ (Through the Rubble) unique style of storytelling – often mixing ribald comedy with painful pathos, clowning with beautiful imagery: the sublime with the ridiculous.”
One Stop Arts on FUGA!

“It’s just outstanding, from start to finish. Excellent performances, a fantastic piece of new writing, and an exciting new company I can’t wait to see more of.”
One Stop Arts on The Mole and the Worm

“Masterfully played … these accomplished actors use physical theatre, dance, movement and brilliant comic timing… assailing us simultaneously with outrageous ideas, laugh-out-loud humour and dark imaginings.”
British Theatre Guide on The Mole and the Worm

“This sparklingly witty but deeply dark gem”
Daily Info, Oxford on The Mole and the Worm

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