Dive head first into the absurd world of the Russian poet, iconoclast and false moustache wearer Daniil Kharms.

Three bouffon-esque characters intent on telling ‘The Old Woman’ story let narrative escape them as comic vignettes, metaphysical ponderings and bouts of senseless violence provide constant distraction.

Expressionist silent film meets grotesque slapstick in a world where clocks have no hands and a cucumber can kill a man.



‘Ridiculous, hilarious, baffling and unnerving… an hour of sheer pleasure’

‘An heroic physical and professional performance that deals with sex, death, philosophy and religion in a high quality absurdist style’
Edinburgh Guide ★★★★

‘These scaberous grotesques demonstrate a gleeful engagement with the Absurdist writings of Daniil Kharms’
The Herald ★★★★

Winner: Physical Fest Audience Award 2012
Winner: Onestop Arts/Mimetic Audience Award 2013 (‘The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity’)
Nominated: Total Theatre Award 2012 and 2013


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