Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Holestar “London’s favorite Tranny with a Fanny” (Time Out) presents her one wo-man show, Sorry I’m A Lady.

Part theatre and cabaret, Holestar exposes her unconventional showgirl biography through storytelling, belting vocals, original music, humour & occasional lap dance.

Come hear how a former solider in the British Army, brothel receptionist, artist, dominatrix, MC & pop star became the UK’s première female drag queen.



The Scotsman
A raucous hour laced with canny observations and wit. Ultimately, the show feels compelling and empowering because Holestar’s voyage of discovery, unique as it is, has resonance for anyone who’s struggled to find their place.

QX International 
Interspersed with humorous anecdotes and storytelling, Holestar showed off her magnificent vocals with both popular and self-penned musical numbers. Holestar certainly knows how to tell the story in this show. I left wanting to know more. Which is a very good sign, indeed.



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