Inspired by EM Forster’s The Machine Stops, emerging physical theatre company, Open Heart Surgery, brings you into a fast-paced world where two actors play twelve characters. Jostling with the vital questions of our time: is war inevitable? Have we lost all hope for humanity? First Draft, a satirical statement against apathy.

In a protection unit far away from the Earth’s surface, two strangers wonder what earth used to be like, as the fast paced nature of humanity races before our eyes.

Recently played to a sold-out audience at the Camden People’s Theatre, First Draft: ‘Flirts with contemporary expressionism…the short bursts of humour break up the tragedy [and] are all the more effective for their unexpectedness’ – Views from the Gods

Open Heart Surgery Theatre is a new London-based physical theatre company made up of two Canadian theatre artists—a Lecoq trained theatre maker and a feature filmmaker. They are interested in making international work.  OHS aims to invigorate its audiences with relevant theatre, using minimalism and sometimes an interdisciplinary approach to theatre making; merging film, sound, and movement with the aim of creating original theatre that can speak to everyone.

Written by Coleen MacPherson
Directed by Sarah Warren
Performed by Charlotte Baseley and Louise Callaghan
Stage Management by Maria Klockare

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