Mimetic Bursary announced! It’s official we’ve reached the deadline for the mimetic bursary award – and it was a very tight contest – but in the end we had a clear winner – with 1.16k shares – it’s Michael Twaits: The Libertine Has Left The Building. Congratulations to our two runners up – in second place with 1.07k shares The Middle Place, and in third place with 754 share How a Man Crumbled – we’re looking forward to welcoming all three to this years mimetic festival. To checkout their trailers just click on the links below:

Michael Twaits :http://www.mimeticfest.com/bursary/vote-for-the-libertine-has-left-the-building-mimetic-festival-the-vaults-bursary/

The Middle Place: http://www.mimeticfest.com/vote-for-the-middle-place-mimetic-festival-the-vaults-bursary/

How A Man Crumbled: http://www.mimeticfest.com/bursary/vote-for-how-a-man-crumbled-mimetic-festival-the-vaults-bursary/

The deadline for sharing was Sunday 14th September.

The Mimetic Audience Bursary gives you the chance to select a show for the Mimetic Program. As well as a guaranteed slot in the program the winner will receive free production photography, mentoring from our production team and free advertising as well as a host of other goodies. For full details of the award see here.

The winner will be chosen on the basis of whichever company’s page has been shared the most. We want to see which one goes viral!